Fun Party is an Austin-based reading series organized by Dan Boehl, Cindy St. John and Jon-Michael Frank where literature, art, and film connect. Hosted by Gray Duck Gallery, Fun Party features an Austin and out-of-town writer along with a film or visual performance. Fun Party believes that literature and art are more fun when writers and artists interact with their audience.

We focus on writers associated with small press publishing, creating an Austin home for independent authors and artists.

Fun Party is currently seeking grants to fund out of town readers' travel expenses and is partnering with a local middle school to bring writers into the classroom. Fun Party is organized by Dan Boehl, Cindy St. John and Jon-Michael Frank. Katy Chrisler provide logistics and marketing support.

Grey Duck Gallery  (2213 E. Cesar Chavez Austin, TX)

For reading inquiries and venue inquiries:

Fun Party Past Readers:

Matt Hart

Kyle Schlesinger

Kate Greenstreet

Katy Chrisler

Joshua Edwards

Lynn Xu

Nick Twemlow

Adam Clay

Ada Limón

Michael Robins

Chad Reynolds

Kit Robinson

Robert Alan Wendeborn

Krystal Languell

Karyna McGlynn

Nick Courtright

Kyle McCord

Farid Matuk

erica lewis

Susan Briante

Sampson Starkweather

Dan Magers

Ana Božičević

Chad Bennett

Caroline Gormley

Paul Kilinger

Lisa Olstein

Danniel Schoonebeek

Dan Boehl

Nick Flynn

Rebecca Gayle Howell

C.J. Martin

Cindy St. John

Jon-Michael Frank

Stephanie Goehring

Jeff Griffin

Nate Hoks

Roger Reeves

Sasha West

Sommer Browning

Deborah Poe

Charles Alexander

Dale Martin Smith

Sarah Campbell

Justin Petropoulos

Blake Lee Pate

Tyler Jacob Pate

Saba Razvi

Carrie Hunter

Natalie Giarratano

W. Joe Hoppe

Ben Kopel

Jericho Brown

Logan Fry

Tess Taylor

Fun Party Past Artists:

Caroline Koebel